1/52 Again

1/52 Again

2 1/52 Pop Brixton

Yes, again because I got lost in the weeks of the project…. Sad but true.

It`s complicated, I’m really feeling down lately, and that reflect at my commitment with my blog and everything else. I believe that I just need to do a schedule… Yeah, maybe that’s it! However don’t you think that I’m like that because of London or that my life is bad here. I wake up every day and remember that I’m living in this wonderful city with this cozy cold and with the person I love, that make me see positive things. I guess that what is turning me down is my currently night shift at work, it’s taking a lot of myself and I’m being really crabby, but when this change (and I hope that will be soon), things would be better, and I would not feel so tired all the time 🙂

This week was  really calm and took so long to end, but I had a great weekend! Bu and I went to Pop Brixton, a place near from home that we had no idea of the existence haha, but thanks to ‘Londres na Lata’ we changed that. We went there and we had tacos ( the veggie one), and a delicious ice cream, was so good. The time, everything. I hope that we could go again 😀

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