6/52 – 7/52

6/52 – 7/52

Yeah, he did a smile for me ❤️ 2 6/52

Today I will talk about the lasts two weeks, because I forgot to post here.

First week: 6/52 – I was ill, I went to the hospital because I was really bad at that time, but although these 3 days bed I am really good now! What I got was flu but a strong one, and this mixed with my esophagitis and acute pangastritis, so was a crazy week, not to mention my headache hurting me through weeks because of my jaw and stress, a lot of stress.

Now I’m taking my peals and trying not to be affect by everything among me,specially the little things, besides, I’m taking more liquids and eating better. This picture is of my dinner that Bruno did for me, he cares and loved me ♥

2 7/52 coming back

Second week: 7/52 – I was better and coming back to training with my Ukulele. I recorded a video playing The Moon Song, really cool and cute. Soon I will post at my chanel on youtube 🙂

I’ve worked a lot, but was really calm. I also started a new reading I soon I will talk about it here.


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