9/52 – 10/52

9/52 – 10/52

2 9/52 Tower Bridge

9/52 –  On the Easter Holidays (but not on Easter’s day), we went to The Center of London to walk around with Shaun the Sheep. I want to register that in the middle of the adventure, Shaun the Sheep almost died when he jumped off my bag, BUT he is still alive and being love with us, Bruno saved him!

We went from London Bridge until Tower of London, is not too far and we get around  the City. Just keep in mind that the Tower of London is beside The Tower Bridge. There we ate burgers and drank milkshake! My God! It’s been a long time since I drink Milkshake ♥ The ice cream and the milkshake here in England is really different from Brazil, Ice cream is better, but I miss so much Brazilian milkshake!!!

It was a good week, I had a lot of days off, then I could enjoy my husband much better.

2 10/52 last day at work

10/52 – Last week I felt lighter, it was my last week at work, because my visa expired at 30/03, so I could only work until that day. I was really happy for that, to stop work temporarily, I was taking off all the stress and this way I can work on my book and take care of myself. Wednesday was my last day, I got out there with a smile in my face and music in my ears 🙂  I won’t forget anyone I met there, neither the thing I’ve learned, good things and bad too, because those thing make you grow as a person. On the Adulthood we will find a lot of challenges, let’s prepare for next chapter, I can’t wait to see.

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