11/52 – 12/52

11/52 – 12/52

2 11/52. Bangs

11/52 – I cut my hair and I didn’t like. I believe is because have been a while since I cut it, but I will get use to it. I started at Gym and I’m really enjoying going there and doing Yoga and Pilates classes, and it is also helping me breath better and have some energy to spend on days. I am also studying about literature and writing, and with that I had some surprises witch made me anxious and a little sad, but I will work with it.


2 12/52 big ben

12/52 – Wednesday I went at the center of London to look for a job and walk around. It was nice, it was a long walk, I eat there, I could know better the place. Besides that I’m still going to the Gym and doing a lot of workouts, I loose weight and felt better. (:

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