13/52 – 16/52

13/52 – 16/52

2 13/52

13/52 – That week I was still unemployed, so I found out by one of my friends, a job to catch up a little girl all week at school, Amy, a lovely Portuguese girl whom I loved to met. I used to go to the gym and after my workout I went to take Amy from school to her home every single day. It was a nice week, because I also worked as babysitter and met my friend`s daughter, Olivia, an adorable little girl, we had a great night. Besides that I finished “The left hand of darkness”.

2 15/52 friends

14/52 –  I went out with Maya to catch up about everything in life, we talked and ate delicious food. She introduced me to a company which sell cosmetics and health products in catalogs, Arbone a vegan company that is always thinking about future and environment, she asked me to join in with her. Well, I’ll decide soon.

2 16/52 Park day

15/52 – OMG! It was a sunny and hot spring week, we loved it! Bruno and I went to Clapham Common Park, which was full of people playing and doing Picnic, as we were doing. But it was hard too, because everything reminded me of beach and sea air, unfortunately we couldn’t go 🙁

2 17/52 Taw the sheep ❤️

16/52 –  I have a new job, and a new sheep costume, both were lovely news. I’m liking my new job, I just need to get use to it, because I’m waking up too early and it seams I have really short time to do anything else.

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