June (2016)

June (2016)


I don’t know how to begin this post, I’ve been really absent here and it’s making me fell guilty. This place supposed to be something like a “Diary”, a place where I could express myself openly and some years later read to remind all the experiences, lovely things I lived with my twenty’s in this wonderful city and this amazing country that I love, although not mine. A place where I could share all vegan/vegetarian recipes I’ve learn so far, to always remind myself (not that I need), that life is so much better without killing animals. In this place I could share my photos, the love for photography, that is like a roller coaster that only goes up. If I did what I had planned, I should known the right time I made my dream of having a professional camera come true, and when I improve my way to look things. When I realize I’m better to take people emotions in photos than nature our buildings. I failed myself, mainly with my 52 weeks project, and i fell miserable about it, life is happening so fast and I couldn’t keep up. I know, is only a excuse, but I accept the way it was.

As usual my anxiety didn’t help me, and I fell a little bit depress these days, I haven’t seen evolution in my English, and I’m becoming someone I’m not at work, not big deal, nothing too serious, but it’s really annoying me. Anyway, today is a sunny Saturday, maybe I still could go to the park and take some pictures, read a bit and drink passion fruit tea that I bought recently ♥ But now, lets go to the post. Let’s summarize the month :3

Shaun o carneiro

Oxf. Street

As I said early, I got a camera and my first though was to photograph Shaun the sheep, he loved the idea and lovely posed. Days later I went to Central London to take some pictures (okay, many), near to Oxford Street, I went after work, best time! I had a lot of fun, sometimes we don’t realize how we can have fun by ourselves, it’s easypeasylemon- squeezy.


I could try several different angles and techniques, types of photos I’ve always wanted to put into action, but I never did. This was a exciting month because of photography, I felt happy, is so good when you have something to motivate you.

M&M word

Maya and I

Maya and I made a photo session, it was fun and new. We had a sleepover at her new house and watched a movie with all delicious things we got to eat. The photo session was at her neighborhood, she is such a great model, I could improve my abilities, thanks honey ♥

Let e eu

Leticia is doing exchange in Bournemouth and came to visit me last Saturday, we had fun and talk a lot, I showed her some places of London and we ate some sweets and burgers♥  It was so good, shame it was fast. After to leave her at the station I went to the London Pride Parade with Daniela, my friend. It was beautiful.


I read 2 books in June, funny thing is that I’m sure people will think is just a couple of books, not big deal. It is for me! I made some videos and upload on Youtube, and felt good 🙂  I’m reading a lovely book about autism, and I felt in love for Caitilin, the main character. Thank you again Kelly, for showing me this book ♥

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