4 on 4 (July 2016)

4 on 4 (July 2016)

Caderno e Moleskine 4/7/16

Jujupostit 4/7/16

Series 4/7/16

Emily The Strange 4/7/16


  1. I use those notebooks to organize myself for everything! The biggest one I bought at Tesco, simple, however has many separators and that’s great. I write my inspirations and my script for reading videos. The small one is my Moleskine, I really like this kind of notebook! I do some lists there and put nutritian and immigration information, plus my characters sheets.
  2. Post-it!!! I love it! It’s so many colours, I use on many places, be it to leave notes for my husband before work, or highlights on my sheets, and on the calendar too (yeah I use paper one).
  3. Those are my series boxes that I bought last year, is all I have for now (my other ones I left in Brasil). They are the two firsts seasons of 90210 (First version), it was the TV Show which my father took my little brother’s name. And the third season of Will&Grace, another old Tv Show that I love♥
  4. Emily the Strange, is one of my (few) books I have in my shelf, I love books ♥

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  1. Caraca Taw, que lindezas de fotos, fiquei até com vergonha das minhas hahaha
    Parabéns <3

    1. Tawani

      Obrigada Lari ♥
      Oxe, suas fotos estão tão bonitas quanto. :*

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