4 on 4 (August 2016)

4 on 4 (August 2016)

Holidays are always welcome to come ♥

Brighton Beach

American's Diner

I'll take you to paradise ...

We belong together ♥

  1. We went to Brighton on our Holidays, and it was amazing! We didn’t tourist much, but we could appreciate most of it. The sea smell, the little stones, the cold but welcome water in the morning, the hotel, the pier! I will do a post about our few days in Brighton soon.
  2. At Brighton we had lunch at this lovely place called “JB Diner”, a restaurant inspired by the 50’s diners in America, and of course I loved it! It was all about Elvis and things of that time, and the food was huge, absolutely and really good. I miss their milkshake ♥
  3. We at Costa Coffe, I try to make those kind of photos of a girl leading hers partner. Success? Yep! 😛
  4. Before go to Brighton we went to the Centre London (Baker Street side), to find some Pokemons, and we end up at Regent’s Park, we didn’t stay long but we could have at least a picnic while we’re watching some dogs playing with its owners.

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