4 on 4 (September 2016)

4 on 4 (September 2016)

Love is all you need …


We belong together

Natural Love

Ice cream

  1. Nature started to be a real deal for me, I feel more and more in love with it. Since I became Vegetarian, my thoughts about life have change in so many levels, I can feel nature more deeply, I just love it.
  2. Almost a year living together, and we’ve pass through a lot of good and bad things. We got lost in the way a couple of times, but we found our way back home at the end of each day. What I’ve learned is that sometimes live together can be wonderful at the same time that could be a hell, what make the difference is how the people involved can deal with it. I’ve learned to have patience and take a deep breath before said something in a hard time, also that is okay to not be together all the time. But most of all, I’ve confirm that love is still the answer.
  3.  Self love. Indeed.
  4. Ice cream and photography.

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