July/ August / September 2016

July/ August / September 2016

Harry Potter Day

I bought Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I read and got disappointed, but I’ll do a video soon, I just need to fix my internet problems haha. But I was really excited that day, we walked around Oxford Street playing Pokemon Go.

Bu and I had holidays, walking around Central London and we went to an amusement park, it was so great, so fanny mainly the Transylvania place there, we definitely had a good time.


On the same Holidays we went to the beach, Brighton is such a lovely place to be and completely different from what I was used to at Brazil, first because there is no sand, gravels only, and is so windy, no mentioning the seaweed, SEAWEED!!! But I will do a post about it, I just know that was wonderful, I miss it so much, the hotel, the parks, the Pier, the seaside at 8 AM without waves ai ai♥

Nothing Hill Carnival

I went to Nothing Hill Carnival with Andrea, a pretty friend of mine that I miss a lot. It was different, too many drunk people and loud music. At least I could know more about Caribbean and African culture.

Light is the way

In August we went to Hampstead Heath Park, the intention was to swim in the pods (lakes) there, but I forget my swimming suit. You need to understand that this one is a huge Park with many different sections what makes it beautiful. We want to go there again in autumn ♥


Veggie Bar

Maya an I went to a vegan bar in Brixton, very nice place with Brazilian staff, but expensive, what is sad because is really difficult to find vegan places around here.


In September we moved houses from Brixton to Colindale, in other words we moved from South to North London, completely different places, that fact is we love Colindale already ♥

New home

Now at the new house we have more space and everything is separated as we always wanted. We have table, and how we missed! We have bath as well, I went to Lush to buy some bath salts and I’m so happy haha. It’s a calm and welcome neighborhood.♥

Deep inside

I cut my hair, sad thing because I wanted it long and pretty, but it was too broken, I just don’t understand how it always end like that, I need to learn how to take care of my pretty one.

Hair cut

We have a new family member Occacto, is a cactus that I bought this week, so nice and pretty. ha ha ♥


After anxiety crises I could write something here. Sorry about been away.

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