Brighton, England  ♥

Brighton, England ♥


These days I was remembering the time we spent at Brighton, a lovely seaside city in our beloved England. It was our first time there, and travelling somewhere, so I decided to introduce  this beautiful place for you!




We woke up really early that day (summer 2016), to take the train at Streatham Station to Brighton, it was a really short travel. With a hot chocolate and cookies on the way we manage to have a lovely time, talking about life and philosophy.

When we arrived there, it was too early to do the check in at the Hotel, so we decided to walk around the beach and see the Pier closely, breathe the salty air coming from the sea ♥

Summer feeling

The differential of Brighton is the beach, because is not a normal one with sand and small waves. It is full of gravel and big waves, at least after 1 pm, when the beach is full of people.

When is yearly morning is really peaceful, like in the picture below, it is the perfect time for a swim, it could be cold, but is worth it ♥

Brighton Pier




Day light




B side ♥

little wave


At lunch time we got hungry, so we found this really nice place to stay and have a good meal. The best thing is that was a lot of things about Elvis, it was love at the first sight tho.

American Dinner


Milkshake ♥


We stayed at Y.H.A Brighton Hotel, a comfy and good place which gave to us all the information and assistance we needed for a good price, mainly because it was Summer season. It was a double room at the 3rd floor, with T.V a big bed and shower, man I wished to wake up in the bed every day, soo nice ♥  And the best thing it was only 2 minutes from the beach and Pier.

Hotel room




Let’s talk about the fantastic day we had at that Arcade, Oh Jesus! We played a lot a , Balloon game, we won so many tickets, but the fun to do everything together was the best thing. I miss that day.





Brighton Pier


So many memories about these days we spent there, I hope that we can create even more eventually ♥

Orange Cookie


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