Be yourself project

Be yourself project

Hello! Today I will show one of my photograph projects. I’m not a professional, I’ve never done any course about it, and my experience comes from my curiosity and my way to see things. I have no pretension to be the best one at it, and this project exists just because I wanted to share my way to see the people I love. I’m working in a portfolio, that soon will be online, and all pictures from the project will be there.

The project’s name is “Be yourself”, I chose 10 people that are really important to me to do a session with each one of them. The idea is to make the person feel as comfortable as can be, so then I can capture their true self.

The first person is Simone, she is my Brazilian friend, whom I met from her Youtube channel, she makes me happy in each simple thing she does, be a “Hi love” or her videos, she listens and cares. My older sister from another mom, with all her theories and faith.

Simone ♥


Peace of mind

She lived great part of her life on seaside, and talking to her I felt this big connection between her and the sea. It is two bodies coming together, you never know when one begins and the other one will end.

Look at the sea


Fly ♥

She always smile, shining like the sun. She is so funny and charismatic, passionate with her life and others, she has a beautiful soul, a clearer aura. Simone’s biggest dream is to be able to help lots of people that like her had or have a hard childhood, she wants to change the world, and I believe she can do it.

Simple beauty


Faith, her believes are strong in her life, but I’m not just talking about religion, she believe in a better world, in herself and God.

My Lord

Finding yourself


Family, is everything to her, is being safe, strong together, and they are so cute ♥




This was my favourite  ♥

Smile sweety

Ocean, soul, smile, faith, family and kindness are the words to describe Simone for me. ♥

Thank you Si 


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