My name is Tawani, but you can call me Taw. I’ve always wanted to create a blog to register my experiences in life, a place where I wouldn’t have to mask my opinion and be myself instead. I chose for reasons unknown even for me that I would raise my head and recognize who I am without shame.

Since I was a little girl I’ve always liked on simple things, I’ve made my own adventures to be a little bit more happy every day. Therefore I built a lot of dreams inside my mind and I became a dreamer. Although my reality made me be always down-to-earth, showing me that life is not a bed of roses all the time, and the best we can do about it is never give up and keep fighting for our dreams. I’m still on the road, but one of my biggest dreams I’ve already completed, I left my country of birth, Brazil, and I came to live in England, to be more specific at London. I’ve been dreamed about this since I was 6, and just here I feel like home, here in fact have always been my home. Further with the best mate of all time, my husband Bruno, the love of my life.

I love to walk in parks with my love and a lovely summer breeze, watch the sunset on autumn day, and drink a warm cup of tea when I’m under the blanket watching a horror movie or a TV Show. I’m a book-warm and I hate when I am reading and someone interrupts me, because I’m so in the story that I forget everything else around me. And one more reason to create this place is that I’m an amateur writer, and I am writing a novel, actually I am writing since 2008, but that story is for another day. My inspirations will always be J.K Rowling and Clarice Lispector, they’re great professionals. I have a plan to curse English Literature and improve my writing, been inspired for the old school of writers, and one day (who knows), have my book published.

Wreck this Wonderland came of my love for Alice in Wonderland, a reality that make all sense to me. And like is an odd and completely perfect world  to Alice, also is my blog and life to me.

Well, I am a lot more than just that, but only time should tell.


PS: The New Layout was made by my husband Bruno.

PPS: The cover art was made by Nicoly Boaventura.