2016, new year, new perspective

2016, new year, new perspective


One more year has began and I came here to welcome it. I’m glad to say that 2015 was a lovely year, I’ve changed my life in a big way, I’ve made two of my biggest dreams come true and lead my way with the love of my life. It was a longing year and some pain, I lost someone who was especial and loved. That’s life, and sometimes this could happen. Last year I’ve ran out of time, and I gave my best in everything. I had to prove myself in every second, and some times I though that I wouldn’t make it, that at some point I could lose one more person in my life, but I stayed strong and I kept going, now I’m here, happy.

I’ve dedicated myself to reading and the cinema, I’ve finished beautiful TV Shows, but I even touch my own book and that made me really sad. However, this new year is smiling to us, and maybe this will change. Life give us opportunities in every sunrise, in every “Good Morning”, and I don`t want waste my life with bad things. I hope this new year will be beautiful and welcoming. That brings good winds and wisdom with it. And a little love, self love and love to give to others. I hope the pride decrease and the humility grows, and first of all brings to us some hope.

A few songs to give you some happiness ♥

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Happy New Year!!! 

2 thoughts on “2016, new year, new perspective

  1. Happy new year!
    I liked this new blog perspective 🙂

    1. Tawani

      Haha, Thank you Derso and Happy New Year ♥

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